Heat Shrink & Palletising

Heat Shrink & Palletising

The process:

Heat shrink wrap is the process of wrapping items in Polyethylene plastic film. A low heat is then applied to the plastic, which shrinks down the plastic and conforms to the shape if the item being wrapped. This process provides superior protection and stability than items that are cling wrapped or hand wrapped. This process is also more weather proof making it ideal for outdoor use such as long terms storage to prevent water, weather, sun or wind damage.

Plastic properties:

Depending on use, the most common thickness used is between 125 180 microns. Most common use colours are clear and white, but most colours are available on order, including a branded/ printed version. Depending on requirements, or for more specialised work, plastics with properties such as fire retardant, anti-corrosive or anti-static etc. can be ordered.


The applications for this process are limitless from small items such as domestic application to big items like buildings and Aeroplanes or industrial applications.