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Jacobs and Co is a registered waste removal carrier in Isleworth. Waste removal services are regulated in Isleworth to prevent unsightly fly-tipping and to minimize the impact on the environment through recycling. It is essential that the individual that requires a waste disposal service use a registered carrier. Should the individual use a non-registered carrier, this individual may be liable in the event of fly-tipping.

Jacobs and Co will carry the following removal in Isleworth

Furniture, general household goods, domestic waste. We are unable to dispose of building rubble and garden waste that is not bagged up or waste that is describes at trade waste. All commercial vehicles calling at recycling centres are subject to waste charges per weight. Please see the links below for information and rates for the Hounslow and Richmond recycling centres. Fridges are tricky items to get rid of and always confirm with the recycling centre on what their policy is regarding fridges. At present Richmond Recycling centre will not accept any fridges on a commercial vehicle (van).

The client has two options:

1.Call Richmond council to collect the fridge.

2. Put the fridge in a private car and take it to the recycling centre yourself. (No charges involved)

Hounslow Recycling center will accept a fridge from both the private individual and a commercial van. However there is a £60.00 charge per fridge if it is in a commercial vehicle (van). This charge does not apply to a private car and the fridge can be disposed of free of charge.

We have found that these arrangements can change from time to time and from individual to individual that you deal with at these centers- Confirm your situation before you go!!


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Over and above these charges levied by the council , we charge our normal hourly rate and £15.00 for the Environmental licence. 

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